About Me

german "gaucho"

My name is Leandro Andreas Hihn.

I came to this world in Munich, Germany in 1991, but since 1998 I live in my beloved Patagonia, in the northeast of the Argentine province of Chubut.

After getting a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism at college, I started to work as tour conductor and guide to foreing groups in the wildest Argentine and Chilean South.

My present history has a lot to do with photography.

What used to be just fun, became a fundamental tool to express myself surrounded by  nature, and aware of the importance of conservation.

When I go out to the field, I first take the spectator role in order to appreciate and understand. Then, I make use of my camera to keep unique moments alive.

This is how I humbly intend to awake sensations and emotions in the public, so they become main actors in conservation and the respect for nature.

Welcome to this journey.

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